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Alreet all


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Welcome to the forum Sean.

There's nothing like making your own sausages & curing your own pork for bacon.  This way it's all down to you what goes into that sausage,  no E numbers and "lips & arsholes" has the old buthchers would say. 😉.

Curing your own bacon lets you add whatever you want in the way of sugar & spices and a few other items...I was reading a recipe the other day for a sausage that had whiskey added....now there's a thought...🤣.



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Welcome Sean. I'm new here too. Just done my second smoke. 14 hours of Salmon, and damn its good. So get going and smoke some of your sausages! Then try something else. I make sausages too, only just started this year due to lockdown. Made some smoked Kielbasa last week and that turned out well. 

Have fun and enjoy your results.


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