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1st Smoke...


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Well finally got the Bradley up and running.

Tried a Keilbasa recipe as it was fairly simple. All done and now in the fridge. Will vac pac and freeze most of it tomorrow. Did 2kg as its all the pork I had in the freezer.

Anyway, it turned out very well. Very slightly too much pepper if anything. So made a note for next time. So I'm pleased I managed it. Not sure its going to last me very long!



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I bought a second hand Bradley digital. Wasn't a real bargain as I had to replace a few parts that had rusted through.

This was my first ever smoke, and Kielbasa seemed a simple recipe, plus I have the sausage making gear.

Recipe was simply, shoulder pork, small bit of beef (abt 15%), salt, black pepper, Cure#1, marjoram, Garlic powder, sugar.

I will vary the recipe next time. I made 1.8Kg after cooking. Basically 4 hours smoking, starting 130F, raising 20F every hour. Then poached in water at 165F for 40 mins. However, I found this still did not raise the IT to 165F, so increased the heat until it hit 170F IT for a while, then threw them in ice cold water to stop the cooking.

Allowed them to dry out, fridge overnight, then vac pack and freeze the next day.  There is enough to keep me in sausage for a few weeks. Really pleased with the outcome, especially a its my first attempt. 


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