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GMG Jim Bowie- Blew The Cobwebs Off!

Smokin Monkey

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There’s been a big increase with members purchasing Pellet Smokers on the Forum.

I purchased a GMG Jim Bowie with the Stainless Steel Lid (non-Wi-fi) in August 2014.

Used it regular for the first 2 years, then the novelty dropped off, this including some technical issues.

Had problems with temperature control etc, igniter tube burning out, and some other problems I can’t remember!


Been cleaning the BBQ Shack out today, and looked across at the GMG under its cover as it’s been for the last 6 years! And thought, let’s give it a go.

Removed the cover and it looks pretty good, opened the pellet hopper, it was 3/4 full and pellets in good condition! Plugged it in, and turned it on. It went through the Start Up Procedure, and fired up!

Stuck a digital temperature reader in. Controller scrolling from 155’C upto 120’C? Digi read 65’C! Could not alter the temperature up or down. Then I remember I had a spare controller in the garage, now I am not sure if it was new or 1 that had been replaced. Stuck it in started up again.

Set temperature at 150’C, with in 20 minutes, read out showed 150’C, lid thermo showed 150’C and Digital showed 148’C! Pretty happy with that!

New Standard controller from The American BBQ Co are £80.00 + Vat

Wifi Option, £140.00 + Vat.

So, it looks like I will be doing a lot more cooks on it, think I abandon it to quickly.

While I was at it, also dusted off my Pit Boss Kamado, removed the Pit Controller and fired it up. Set vents and running at 130’C. Need to fit some perforated stainless in the air in let to give finer control.

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Must be lovely to go in the shed and find something like that, if I went in mine all I would find is half a dozen broken strimmers I have collected over the years and never took them down the tip 😀

I enjoy my pellet grill, I am a total convert. I know a lot of backyard BBQ'ers frown at them, but I have never been able to cook so many different meals on one type of machine as I do now and it makes me want to cook outdoors more than indoors than I ever have. Love using mine.


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