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Wet Spaniel

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I made some salami a while back with some venison an American Friend of mine shot whilst over here visiting - he wasn't able to take the carcass home obviously so seing as I helped drag it out of the woods, it came home with me.  To be honest I'd half forgot about them/didn't get round to taking these out of the fridge on time so they have lost a lot more weight than I would've liked.  Normally I aim for about 25% weight loss after curing but these had lost approx 50%.  Taste was fine, not great (I made the recipe) but they are too dense (again my fault at the stuffing) it's more like eating a venison breasola than a salami. I love the fact that every day is a school day with this sort of thing, it's just a shame that the time lapse can be such a long time.

lessons learned, keep an eye on the sausage whilst during and weigh regularly, and, even for a couple of 2 lb salami, get the sausage stuffer out rather than trying to do it by hand.




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