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It's not even winter yet!And who cares about winter shminter anyway....Pour the tea kettle into a thermos(maybe add a little sump,n - sump,n),pull on a warm jacket and make some smoke roll!

Here in Va when we get our first deep snow one of my pastimes is to take a cryovac'ed rack of ribs out of the freezer.Put them in a bucket of tepid water,then dig to the smoker and picnic table first.Fire up the smoker and go about my snow removal duties for a spell -until cold or ready for a break.Come back in the house and rub a dub the ribs and warm up a bit -until I get the gumption to go back out.Put the ribs on,add wood chunks and shovel,plow and blow snow until done.Check ribs,add wood chunks and head inside to warm up again.Once warm,grab a good spicy sauce from the fridge and head back out to the smoker.Slather,slop and mop,head inside.Take some frozen corn on the cob out of freezer and get boiling while sauce sets up.Amass all plates,utensils a platter and bird seed.Head to picnic table,throw bird seed all around on top of snow.Pull ribs and VOILA! As soon as you take a bite off that first rib SHAZAM! It's a summertime picnic all over again with an interesting landscape and vibe with birds chirping all around sharing the bounty- you're a REBEL!

Now get out there and FIRE 'EM UP!


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We do not get that much snow here "usually"!

A few inches here and there, but would love to see some pictures of your fall.

I have seen pictures of Bear Carvers snow fall  on SMF, and I looks epic.

I have a smoke shack in the garden called "The Dog House" get the smoke rolling, heater on and projector tv.


The Dog House


Fully Heated


Projector TV


Large Pit Boss


Small Kamado, also a Mini WSM


GMG Pellet Smoker


And a Stumps Charcoal Gravity Feed Smoker.

Get this lot going and I should be pretty Toastie!



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