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Howdy from Bristol, SW England

William Wedge

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Hi there everybody. I spent the first half of my life in the US (Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina) and the second half in Bristol. I've been BBQing all my life as I started early in South Florida where nobody owns a coat and it would be normal for anybody to BBQ all year round (not just us BBQ crazies). I added smoking to my BBQ repertoire about 5 years ago after going to the first couple of Grillstocks. I'd had some decent pit smoked BBQ in the Carolinas, just pork and chicken though. I like to do a good mix of BBQ styles and when it comes to Brisket I am a Hot n Fast convert on my drum; mostly for laziness, convenience, and to avoid disturbing my grumpy next door neighbours. I have a new Traeger Bronson 20 arriving tomorrow so that'll be the Traeger, a Bristol Drum Smoker, a ProQ Excel (which I am now going to sell), a Weber Mastertouch (with rotisserie), and a Weber GoAnywhere with an expansion chamber allow it to be used for smoking while camping.

I also grow chillies; from mild to stupidly hot. I've only been growing for two seasons, so still gaining experience. I particular like BBQing them. Stuffed, bacon wrapped smoked Poblano peppers are one of my favourites. I also occasionally make chilli sauces, chilli jam, flakes, and powders. I need to start turning those in the BBQ rubs too.

Since this forum is based in the UK, I have used UK spellings for things. And I may say Aluminium from time to time...  I might even 'envisage' the odd special thing here and there. xD

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Once again William welcome to the Forum and this side of the Pond!

Gets pretty addictive this BBQ game, before long you will have more equipment than your local store.

Would be intrested in your Hot n Fast Brisket.

There are a number of members on here that grow their own Chilli's, especially Wade, who I am sure will give you advice if you ask.

I am on an American Forum, and you do have to thing of the words or terms you use.

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Hi William and welcome to the forum. I have spent a lot of time in the USA over the years and have enjoyed Scuba diving off North Carolina. It was my early trips to Texas in the 1990s though that fired up my love for BBQ. It is good to see that here in the UK people are now really starting to embrace the BBQ as more than just a place to burn sausages and chicken legs and I know several converts who now cook their Sunday roast and even their Christmas turkey in their BBQ.

You have a good selection of smokers there. Why are you getting rid of the ProQ Excel? Is it because you are running out of space in your garden... If so, I know what you mean :D.


There have been several more added too since these photos were taken.

A lot of people don't realise just how well chillies grow here in the UK. I usually grow a selection too and this year has been a bumper crop. For the rubs I find that the milder chillies work best as you are looking for flavour and not just heat. Amongst the varieties I grow are Poblanos (which I smoke and turn into Ancho chilli) and Jalapeno (which I smoke and turn into Chipotle). This year I had a good crop of a mild yellow bell chilli which I have pickled. http://www.woodsmokeforum.uk/topic/323-pickled-chillies/

I still have chillies I am picking in the greenhouse.

It would be great to see some of the things you have made with your chillies. If you have some that you especially like then perhaps you could share the recipes :5980a344e6cd3_ThumbsUp:

We can forgive you the odd lapse into "American" as Steve and I are both OTBS members on a US smoking forum too. It does seem sometimes though that we are two nations divided by a common language. We also have to be careful when we are converting some recipes as the US and UK "pints" are very different.

Looking forward to seeing how you do your brisket :thumb1:

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Hello William from another William and Yank (I assume you were born in Fl).I am a Virginian,you might have heard of us.We and the Carolinians try to teach the Texans how to BBQ and smoke :D Make that #3 that is interested in your hot and fast brisket.Do tell!

Does that aforementioned brisket come out with a nice rosy pink colour ?


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