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Smoke on the Water 2020


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Hi everyone,
Having sought formal advice regarding how to interpret the new rules and how they would apply to and affect SOTW I have now got confirmation that, under present rules, we will not be allowed to go ahead.
Of course things could change in the next month or so but, given the widespread relaxation, there is as much chance that we will see more restrictive rules reapplied as there is that they will relax further than the present. I am told existing rules will most likely apply until after the event dates in any case.
This is of course hugely disappointing.
I am open to just a straightforward postponement until same time 2021 (as we like the 'end of season' feel to it) and can offer to keep places for all those who have booked in to compete, judge, and the KCBS class. Likewise I can offer refunds to those who want them (but obviously won't be able to then guarantee spot next year when any surplus tickets/spots go back up for grabs).
On the plus side, by next September the site should benefit from a full licensed bar, smokehouse and venue for us all to enjoy, so there is that!
Once again, so sad about this, but there it is.
Stay safe one and all
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I am afraid so. I am resorting to dogwalkers' bbqs in the park. Pretty tame in comparison but better than nothing. The one last Sunday was ok. Organising another one for next month. Fingers crossed for the Northern Tailgate. 

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