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Pellets to smoke


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Made a foil parcel and put 1/3rd of a cup of pellets in then sealed. Punched a small holei  parcel. The idea is to restricted airflow and get lots of smoke. Simples. Will see how it works as putting on sticky hickory smoked chicken legs on kettle with the vortex soon.


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Ive often done similar when using the small smokey joe. I just wrap in two layers of foil to provide a bit of padding between the two layers. They key is how much air they get and it just takes a bit of experimenting.

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Yes i put them on the briquettes but it was vorrex so they caught fire. Luckily i spotted that quickly and lifted them off, blew out flames and put outside vortex and they smoked away. But yes i think double layer and not on vortex

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