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Coke a cola Ham joint


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Needed some cold meat for the fridge so thought I'd stick a half gammon in the smoker. 

Injected with full sugar Coke yesterday sat in a bowl filled with Coke overnight

Mopped this morning with mollases mixed with American mustard. 

Put on the smoker with apple wood at 235F

Still cooking as I write. 





Cheers n Gone Nick

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1 hour ago, Icefever said:

We love cooking gammon....we do the brown sugar recipe. Brown sugar in the bottom of a slow cooker,  sliced apple, then the joint. Just leave it alone for up to 4 hrs.



Yeah I remember seeing this before and was going to try it. Sometimes I think the smoke can be a bit to much with ham. Using the slo cooker is probably or families favourite way to cook. We have an old Tower Slo Cooker the brown and cream ones with removable earthware pot. Love it to bits as is so old as still going! 70's retro along with the Kenwood Chef and the 60's song for the runner beans :)

Cheers n Gone Nick

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