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Chicken With A Pineapple Up It!


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Cooked a whole chicken today with a trimmed pineapple to support it. Like a Beer Can Chicken.

Cut the top of a pineapple and the bottom so it levelled up, cut around the bottom about an inch up and inwards towards the core, (but not all the way  through). Then trimmed the outer edges off, followed by the flesh so it left the core in the middle to support the chicken


Used the fleshy parts for Brazilian Grilled Pineapple for afters, method here

Placed the chicken neck down on the core, after adding a 50/50 rub or Smoked Paprika and kosher Salt


Cooked it on the Smokefire at 350F to a 170F internal temp (took just over 2 hours)


Removed it from the pineapple and left the chicken to rest for 15 minutes


Diced it up


Served with Lambs lettuce salad other bits and bobs and a lemon salad dressing


Very faint fruit taste, but the chicken was as juicy as any beer can chicken, Would use one of those giant pineapples next time rather than the medium size, as although it didn't topple over, it started to tilt a bit, as the chicken cooked 



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