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Thermapen classic £36


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Good shout, I've been making do with a cheap Amazon reader for years and keep promising to get a faster more accurate reader. 

Just ordered one. Bonus points for the colour at least I won't lose it in the dark 😎 

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So my classic turned up today, which was great. I bought it to have a pen that read degF as my original read in degC. I was told / read somewhere that the older Thermapen 3 was fixed in terms of reading, hence buying a newer one to get degF. So the unit arrives & no obvious instructions to change the reading, although it says it's selectable from factory settings. A quick online chat with ETI & it turns out that the dip switch 1 which is marked as not used is the one to set F or C. Apparently they don't highlight it to keep their US distributors happy somehow.

So having change the new pen to F my thought turned to my existing one, sure enough, that also can be changed to F from the default C.

I'm not sure if this is common knowledge but thought id share it with you guys in case it's of use. 

So now SWMBO has a pen in the kitchen set to C & I have one for the american recipes set to F

Cheers n Gone Nick

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