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Pulled Pork Carnitas


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Did these today very tasty, never thought to fry pulled pork before, but just as it turns crispy, works really well and the citrus flavours add something different to the usual pulled pork flavour




Followed the instructions to the above using the same ingredients. Did the rub and left it overnight in the fridge


After a few minutes in the smoker under 12 hours reached an internal temp of 203F, took it out and rested it in a cool box for an hour. took it out and poured the juices and pork into a ceramic dish and pulled it


Turned the gril up to 550F and fried the pork in a skillet with rapeseed oil and a squeeze of lime and did the tortilla on the plancha for about 10-15 seconds each side (nice char and still fluffy) But just as easy to do it on the cooker in a frying pan,


Added radish and spring onions along with some broken up Monterey Cheese slices (forgot i hadn't got any grated cheese in the fridge)


Enough for 6 full sized Tortillas and some left over for Pulled Pork Cannelloni tomorrow



Well worth ago if you like pulled pork, but want to try something different to a bap and coleslaw

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11 hours ago, Skagg2000 said:

Bought 100 Tortillas in Makro the other day as they were on there best before date. Been making all sorts of wraps. These sound delightful & will give them a go over the weekend hopefully

Cheers n Gone Nick


That's a serious amount of wraps 😃 

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