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HI Guy's,

Just thought it would be courteous to say hello to you all.:)

It's been a while since I had smoke rolling and thought I would have a look to see  what was occurring. I like what you have done with the place, it looks fab.

I hope to get going again once I have my own place again. I'll be mooching through and will hopefully be back on the smoke wagon soon.



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Hey Wade, Yeah, I used to chip in on the other site you were on with Steve. It don't pop up anymore, but hey ho, that's how things go I suppose.

I hope you guys are well and still practicing the dark arts.

Thanks for the welcome. :)


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I thought it was Baz from Nottingham!

The Americans virtually killed the UK group off by demanding we post everything in the main forum.

Only visit now and then to see if we can pick up any new members!

Please join the East Midlands Group, only to annoy Wade, as we are getting almost as many memebers as the his group!!!

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