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Wsm running hot


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Hi guys does anyone have issues with the wsm running hot?

Previously over past 4 years i have always run with water in the pan and struggled to get higher temperatures.

I decided to seal the lid with fire rope and fire cement, and sealed the front door which now works perfectly as no smoke escapes from those places any more.

I also moved away from water and filled out with sand.

I can now get the higher temps but to maintain 245f I'm having to have all vents basically fully closed!

Obviously fire needs oxygen so it's got to be getting in somewhere. I'm guessing it's the bottom vents as they don't sit flush to the bottom bowl. Is there a mod for them?

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Hi Foggy...I don't have a WSM, (ProQ user)  but has you say it could be the bottom vents...How much fuel are you burning?...you say you would like to maintain 245f what if you test with water back in the pan now you have sealed the smoker?? this maybe the answer for running low & slow??


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If the bottom vents are not sealing then you will will have a problem with temperature control. Firstly, are you using a Minion for the coals or are you starting off with them all lit?

If the bottom vents are not sealing well then try using a little high temperature silicone grease underneath the vent slides. Most are rated to 200 C which will be fine for the vents. There are some available specifically for food use (e.g. "Foodlube") but this is very expensive. You can use a "normal" high temperature silicone grease on the vents though.

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