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Over the Top Chilli

Christine Dale

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Saw this on an American FB page and decided to recreate my own version. 

500gms Mince Steak

300gms Mexican sausages (this can be substituted for pork mince with cumin and chilli and a little chorizo

Mix these together and form a patty (see pic below)

For the chilli sauce, soften an onion and some peppers then add, a tin of tomatoes, a table spoon of tomato puree, 2 tins of mixed beans a tin of sweetcorn (hubby likes sweetcorn in his) 200-300mls beer, (depends on the bottle size) season with salt and pepper, cumin, chilli powder (to taste)  and a pinch of cinnamon. You can add hot sauce if you like it spicy

put the patty over the top of the sauce and cook until the patty is 160f (keep an eye that the sauce doesn't dry out to much) crumble patty into sauce and continue to cook for half an hour. Add a square or two of chocolate for a great depth of flavour.





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