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Briquettes options - Green Olive, Heat Beads, Unbranded South African ones.


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I've always used heat beads but for two reasons im looking at other options - for info I only use charcoal for low and slow as typically rely on convinence of Gas (apologies for the swear word)

  1. They seem to be hard to get at the moment in bulk
  2. Price - they seem to be increasing quickly 


A couple of options ive found and seem to be available - both around the £6 per 4KG - looking to order circa 12 bags of the stuff to keep me through summer so if there are any other reccomendations, they would be welcome.


Unbranded South African origin Briquettes from a place circa 15 miles away




Green Olive Briquette - Compressed sawdust & natural starch for a perfect long burning briquette



Any other reccomendations?

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I haven't used either, but I did recently buy a load of bags of heat beads from here - https://www.bedsbbq.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000010.pl?WD=heat beads&PN=australian-heat-beads.html#SID=150. They're £8 a bag, so a bit more expensive than the ones you've put above. I think that price was the same as what I paid last year though.


I'd be interested to know how you get on with either of the above, if you go that route. From the looks of them, my guess would be the main difference is going to be maintaining temperature over a long period of time, and having to use extra fuel for that.

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I had some of the Olive briquettes & have to say given they are supposed to be all natural they do have a certain taint to them when first lit compared with the aussie beads for example. I've just picked up half a dozen 8kg bags of Weber briquettes from Blue Diamond garden centres at £12.99 a bag which is a decent price for Weber briquettes at the moment.

Cheers n Gone Nick

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