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  1. I've tried all mine from the thermoworks smoke and the thermopro and they are no good, I know it's not an answer but might save you wasting time on other purchases.
  2. why not do the brisket on the Kamado? i'd rate it a 3 star i think currently, 4 if you are only going to use in steadyish weather or if smoker will always be dry, if you dont already though I'd make sure you have a decent pit thermometer with alarm capability so you know whats going on. good luck!!
  3. is that a special bundle? i didnt see that when i was ordering, have you factored in the VAT as i got hit for that on delivery (seems most do) and then a royaal mail handing charge which was near double that again. £6 VAT and £8 RM charge after i just checked. after using it a handful of times I have to say i'm not 100% convinced i needed it, and its not fool proof, during this weekends cook with a temp of 230c set it actually dropped to 201 when it was raining a little. i know this will test its capabilities but it never managed to pump in enough air to get it back up, i had to shut it
  4. I've always used heat beads but for two reasons im looking at other options - for info I only use charcoal for low and slow as typically rely on convinence of Gas (apologies for the swear word) They seem to be hard to get at the moment in bulk Price - they seem to be increasing quickly A couple of options ive found and seem to be available - both around the £6 per 4KG - looking to order circa 12 bags of the stuff to keep me through summer so if there are any other reccomendations, they would be welcome. Unbranded South African origin Briquettes from a place
  5. 3/4" that seems like a huge amount compared to normal minion, i though for low and slow and mnion method is more like 10/15 briquettes, i guess you just light more and then let the air flow control the burn..
  6. So ive been thinking further on this, whilst i drilled a 22mm hole, the internal airflow hole is only 15mm which got me thinking The way i used to run pre qmaster was all three vents at circa pencil width (with qmaster all lower vents were fully closed) which is likely a larger open area (albeit ambient air only being drawn in rather than blown) and I would also suffer from similar swings although over a much longer duration. Based on this and how I pretty much had to shut the top vent to keep under control im wondeirng if during the start and getting it upto temp the fire just sprea
  7. thanks, I have been thinking about similar, I emailed the seller and he also reccomende i slide a piece of card or metal inbeteenthe fan and the mount, I've also realised that my WSM is very leaky so i bought some gasket and a cajun bandit door last night to really try and get it sealed up. also trying to confirm the thread that is on the fan bracket, i think its a 1/2" as i have a few thoughts running through my head.. Stu
  8. HI Steve, I have this one readily available, what other particular ones will be of use and ill grab them? Ta Stu
  9. So had first trial today with my qmaster lite on my 47cm WSM and certainly not plug and play as I was hoping. All bottom vents closed and in order to stop it going completely out of control I had the top vent pretty much all the way closed too. Target was 225f and qmaster would report circa 218-245, thermoworks smoke reporting 212 to 250 (270 before I pretty much shut the top) I'm concerned I now have a 22mm hole which installed in line with the STD vents hat is pretty much always open as no one way vent on the fan as I jjust have the STD adapter it came with. Should I have dril
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