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Hi, Just signed up.

I always wanted to start with smoking, especially own catch fish.

Looks like I found right place to start with.

I was thinking about offset bbq smoker, like landmann kentucky. But ater reading on here, looks like better option would be a bullet smoker. Live in Scotland, weather is as it is, so bullet type should be easier to control the temperature, and as I read, less hassle.

I tied to find recommended here Cook4All one, but looks it is not on sale nay more.

Looking for a start for a recommendation which one to start with. So I can accommodate a few fish, or nice chunk of meat. Cooking just for my household. Budget  - for just a smoker, would like to stay under Ł150 if possible.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi and welcome Pawel,

With the budget you mention then the Callow sounds a good bet and with the difference, Callow also make a portable fish smoker, if you like to cook what you have caught there and then for under £50

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I did found something like that.


Not typical  bbq smoker, more like small version of proper smoker. Anyone have any experience with this kind of smokers? It's galvanised steel, so not sure how long it will last outdood in the garden.

As per Callow, I can't find any in stock to buy..

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