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DIY alternatives to Uds hardware

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Hi, first post here, just stumbled across this forum and was just what I was looking for! 

I'm building my first uds, started it on a wim last week but didn't realise how difficult and/or expensive certain bits would cost or how hard it would be to source them. 

From the pictures ul see the point iv got to.

Iv used 22mm copper pipe and elbows on for the air inlets/outlets with valves. 4 castor wheels on the the bottom. burnt out and brought the drum back to bare metal and then painted with rustolme bbq paint.

Iv ordered a probe thermometer that il be fitting when it arrives. For the lid I used the handle off my old kettle bbq and have since added 2 bungs on on the lid ready for my digital thermometer probes. As luck had it the grill from my kettle bbq fitted perfectly in the drum but I have struggled to find the expanded steel to make a coal basket so I have used a beer bucket and peppered it with holes on sides and bottom, then made 3 legs out of bolts to keep it off the bottom Of the drum.

What I'm struggling with is finding extra grill racks to purchase that are not about £40 a piece witch seems ludicriss for what they are. Also I wondered if anyone had any d.i.y ideas for making handles for the sides of the drum and a hinge for the lid. paint wise has anyone got any recommendations as I'd prefer a glossy finish and more choices than what I can find that only seems to be matt black bbq paint. Hopefully some of you pro's on here can help out a newbie like myself! Cheers







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On 5/10/2020 at 7:36 PM, Smokin Monkey said:

If you can get 53cm grills and want to cook go for them, you will need longer bolts as shelf supports, then when this is over, you can shorten the bolts and go for the 57cm racks at very little upgrade cost.

Went to homebase today and they actually had the correct size rack in stock for £7! Only has one though. I found another better made grill from a kettle bbq sitting round on top of a box where the gas bbqs were so I just took it to the till and said there was no tag on it and they charged me 7 quid for that one aswell so I got 2 for 14 quid, nice! Also bought a beer can chicken rack and a pizza stone. Used the pizza stone tonight for the kids and came out great. Picture is when it first went in if that isn't obvious lol. Digital thermometer arrives tomoz so will be popping my smoking cherry this weekend, most excited


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