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Dipping my big toe into the smoke...


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Hi All,

Found this forum when I was researching buying a smoker so thought I should join up. 

My OH is s fan of a gas BBQ for convenience but I've been hankering for charcoal. Gas just doesn't taste the same.

Anyway, our old gas BBQ has well and truly had it. With the nice weather and the lock down  i was looking at BBQs online when I started wondering about a smoker. 

Some friends of ours used to do a bit of smoking and occasionally invited us round to sample the goods. They have now split up /moved away but it gave me a taste for smoke. 

I'm interested in advice on a starter set up but will start a new thread.

Cheers all




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Hi Jules & welcome...

3 hours ago, JulesRules said:

I'm interested in advice on a starter set up but will start a new thread.

What have you in mind?? a kettle?,  a bullet?, an offset?....what do you see yourself cooking?? what meat? a little more info will give the guys something to work on.  😉👍



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Thanks for the replies😁

Sorry for the delay in replying. I've been busy with my horses and in the garden..

So I was originally looking just to replace our gas BBQ with a charcoal grill. When I was looking at Charcoal BBQs quite a few offset smokers came up which got my interest and I suddenly decided I couldn't live without a smoker 😂

Having done a bit more research it seems to get a decent offset I'd either have to spend big bucks or do a lot of modification so I thought maybe looking at the bullet smokers might be a better option and I could just get a seperate charcoal barbeque. I know we will use the BBQ but the smoking side is an unknown quantity right now. 

It will mostly be for just the 2 of is, but occasionally for entertaining. In terms of meat I'm just interested in experimenting and having a bit of fun.

I don't want to spend too much on a smoker in case it turns out to be a short lived interest, but on the other hand I don't want to put myself off by buying something awful. 

Is there a 2nd hand market at all? It seems like the type of thing people might buy,  use a few times and then put in the shed never to be seen again. 

In terms of location I'm in sunny Warwickshire if that makes any difference. ( Ice- did I read somewhere that you are Warwick?) 

Any advice would be hugely appreciated as I'm a total novice. 




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