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Charcoal Type


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I use briquettes as it easy for me to get and for the low and slow using minion method it works. Lump is good also but burns hotter and can have temp spikes. But both can work in the WSM. I'd advise using briquettes though as the lump might fall through the charcoal grate unless you have a second grate crossing it. 

I've been running my 57cm WSM for about two years with no mods. haven't felt the need. Others have and swear by it. I'd recommend starting with none and adding in as you need. 

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A bit mad maybe but I always use a mix of brackets and lump wood, now I want to change to good lump wood only. I buy what ever I can get my hands on as I transports a bit tricky with a sack of coal

Prefer lump wood to be honest

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