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Pressure Drop Pale Fire Ale


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Put this on to brew yesterday and now just starting to ferment.

Batch 20 litres. Rounded malt with touch of unmalted wheat for body and head retention.  Nod to East US ale citrus pine hop beer


Grainfather set up and sparge kettle.

EBC: 8

OG:1.045 (I got 1.500)

FG: 1.008

ABV 4.5% (I will get 5%)

IBU 30


2400 g Crisp Maris Otter

1200g Bestmaltz Pilsner

200b Flaked Wheat

200g Crisp Pale Wheat Malt


Mash 67 degs 1 hour

Temp out 75 Degs

Boil 60 mins

Hops ( I used pellet)

Magnum 60 mins 10g

Amarillo 10 mins 10g

Mosaic 10 mins `0g

Amarillo 0 mins 20g

Mosaic 0 mins 20g

Yeast Safale US-05 at 19 degs for 7 days

Dry Hop 2 days once fermentation finished (9 days) and then cold crash for 7 days

Amarillo 9 days 60g

Centiniial 9 days 60g

Chinnok 9 days 30g


Use muslin bag for dry hops

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