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Electric Smoker looking for a new one

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Hi I am new to the forum and looking for feedback and experience of electric smokers. I had a Bradley - poorly built in China, bisquettes are expensive in long term use and the smoke generator unit failed - all in all not a happy experience. I have been looking at outdoor cook, Masterbuilt, Thuros, CharBroil, Klarstein etc - would love to hear about the experiences of others here and any recommendations - all seem to have mixed reviews so difficult to decide

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Hi Vintage, once again, welcome to the Forum.

I would not recommend the Bradley to anyone.

I have a Borniak Electric Smoker


These are OK, but run on a type Saw Dust, but it is about 2-3mm in size, and expensive to buy. I use it with an Smoke Generator.


A lot of people use a WSM  with a similar generator as above, that way you have a good Pit and also be able to Cold Smoke with it.



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Electric smoker are easy to use. So I’ll choose ellectric smoker.

Here’s some details on both:

Gas Smoker

The gas smoker is also called propane smoker. It is designed to allow the smoking of heat in a controlled environment. It is powered by natural gas or propane as the primary source of heat. Heating element generates the heat. And it is used to produce smoke that is essential for smoking.

Electric Smoker

Electric smokers are relatively a new type of smoker. They use electricity, rather than fuel gas. That means, the smoker can’t be used where electricity isn’t available.

Electrical smoker is very easy to use. You just need to plug the smoker, set the temperature and start cooking. They provide ample cooking space for a wide range of foods.

Hope this helps.

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The electric smokers do offer convenience to the casual smoker however, as you found, some on the market are not built to last and can be expensive to run with proprietary briquettes. As @davidmac mentioned they are simple to use and if you are not planning on smking in quantity they certainly have their place. Several years ago a local pub to me used to use a Bradley to hot smoke chicken and game for their restaurant however due to the high running costs they quickly adapted it to use standard sawdust/pellets before moving on to a home designed smoker.

The commercial electric smokers are great to get people into smoking meats and fish however many move on from there to designing their own unit.

What sort of quantity are you planning on smoking and are you planning on mostly hot smoking or cold smoking? For relatively small (casual) hot smoking quantities the electric smokers will probably be fine however for larger more regular smoking then it may be worth considering a pellet smoker as they also offer the convenience of having digital  temperature control whilst being less expensive to run. Cold smoking is easier as this can be done effectively using simple setups - for example a kettle or bullet smoker, an old fridge, a garden incinerator or even a cardboard box

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Had this Char-Broil electric smoker for about a month and a half already, and used it a total of 4 times so far. Everything came out great, no problems. I recently bought the stand and cover for it and now it resides outside. Before I had it on a dolly, where I kept it in my shed and just rolled it out whenever I was going to use it, but since I've been using it quite a bit, I decided to spend the extra money so I can keep it outside full time. You can check out this website for review.

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