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  1. SmokeFire’s 200-600° temperature range gives it the versatility to sear, smoke, bake, and everything in between. It’s the only grill you need to sear perfectly juicy steaks, smoke low-and-slow BBQ ribs, pizza, dessert, burgers, or whatever you have a taste for.
  2. A commercial smoker gives you the ability to offer your customers smokey-flavored meats all year round (even in the frigid Canadian winters). These are a convenient indoor option for roasting or smoking your foods, whether you have a BBQ restaurant or a Montreal diner with smoked meats. At least check full this review if you want to read more about smokers!
  3. Electric smoker are easy to use. So I’ll choose ellectric smoker. Here’s some details on both: Gas Smoker The gas smoker is also called propane smoker. It is designed to allow the smoking of heat in a controlled environment. It is powered by natural gas or propane as the primary source of heat. Heating element generates the heat. And it is used to produce smoke that is essential for smoking. Electric Smoker Electric smokers are relatively a new type of smoker. They use electricity, rather than fuel gas. That means, the smoker can’t be used where electricity isn’t avail
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