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Welcome to the forum. Beware when making your own bacon - once you have done it you will not want to eat shop bought bacon again.

What method are you planning on using for your bacon? Immersion brine or dry cure? Also are you comfortable with the cure calculations?

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I originally started with immersion brine but then discovered dry cure. With immersion brine you are adding 10% weight in water during the brining process which will come out during the cooking. With dry cure it is easier to make, I find you get a better flavour and the texture is much firmer. The curing method also makes a big difference on how long it will store too. With immersion brined bacon it needs to be eaten within 2 weeks (unless it is frozen) however dry cured bacon will last for for 6 weeks. I now only produce dry cure.

If you start with the immersion brine, next time give dry cure a try an see which you prefer.

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A quick note about the cure too. For bacon you only need a Nitrite cure (e.g Cure #1)and it needs to be obtained from a reputable source. One of the first cures I bought online, when I had lab tested i found that it did not contain what it claimed. You should only buy your cure from a reputable source. 

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