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Skinning seasoned wood


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Evening all

Just a couple of queries from those more knowledgeable peeps on here if ok on skinning your own seasoned wood for smoking?

I've taken possession of some apple and cherry branches of various sizes (between 1" and 2.5" thick)  and it has been recommended, not sure where, to take the bark off before being used for smoking foods?

So questions are;

Should the bark be taken off. Most commercial products are barkless?

What knife would you recommend if you do your own wood cleaning to remove the bark. Currently using a lock knife but not sure wittling knife would be better?

And should the whole of the outerlayer be removed so only clean inner wood used?

Cheers, Reesyd.

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There's an old adage that says " Ask 10 people a question, and you'll get 11 answers".....I've read all sorts about bark on or bark off.. if it's loose then peel it off, being young apple/cherry wood you may find the bark a PITA to get of.
Some say that there's crap in the bark, do you know if it's had any sprays?? that could linger? try a small burn with say a chicken and see what it tastes like??

The other point to think about how new is it?? if it's too new it'll be green and not seasoned,  we've been given a very large cherry tree but won't use any for maybe 2 years.


My 2 cents.



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Agree with Icefever. I bought 3 types of wood (Oak, Apple Cherry) from Smokeshack I think last year. Some of it had the bark on it and I used it without noticing any bitter taste or extra cresote/darker smoke. 

That being commercial wood I'm assuming it hasn't been chemically treated etc. that would be my major concern with any wood. I'd say give it a bash and see how you feel personally with it. As for skinning it I'd assume any decent knife but I haven't personally tried it before. 

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