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Rainy day cook


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We decided this morning that we fancied a steak for tea....but the hob aint working at the moment due to a gas leak coming from it (its capped off so dont worry๐Ÿ‘) and it was forecast light rain on and off today. I said 'sod it, Im having one!'๐Ÿ˜œ




i managed to get it lit just before it started raining again. It got quite heavy just as I was putting the steak in. Then it stopped just as it was ready....now its raining none stop so a lucky cook๐Ÿป

Anyone else throw caution to the wind once in a while with the bad weather?

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It was sunny when I lit the lumpwood and then 20 mins later it started, but once its lit then your committed haha.

There is another post in the homemade section regarding the table๐Ÿ‘

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Apologies should of responded sooner, credit to you for sticking to your guns. Have sparked the bbq up in poor weather before as family coming & they wanted bbq, just gerryย  rigged a cover, but now have a gazebo, so rotisserie goose for Xmas may well be on if we are at home. Don't have a kamado (yet) so have to be more attentive to the kettle or bullet smoker in wet or especially windy weather, assume not such an issue with a kamado?

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If heavy constant rain starts mid cook then you need to open vents slightly to counter it being cooled down and try to close them back about 20 mins before the rain stops...which is hard to predict. Light showers and sunny/cloudy dont affect it though.

I highly recommend the rotisserie for christmas, I have done turkey on it the last 3 years and its super juicy and slightly smokey. It also has the added bonus of leaving the kitchen oven free for other food๐Ÿ‘

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