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James Wales

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I am catering for a party of around 25-30 people so nothing scary and i am doing a porchetta. I would really like people's opinions on what would be the best for a party. The first option is a rolled belly with seasoning, smoked low n slow then crisping the skin up at the end of the cooking process 225f for about 8 hrs. I could stuff the belly with loin and sausage meat cook indirect 300f without the skin or higher temp to get crackling. I could skin the belly and just go for glazed fat going low n slow. What has worked best for people in the past.

If i stuff it do i stuff and season the night before then left to air dry in fridge. 

Has anyone blow torched a joint like this after smoking to get good crackling.

What do people think about rubbing salt and bicarbonate of soda onto the skin to get a really good crackling.

I'm also doing pulled pork, what's the best BBQ sauce out there i like stubbs but interested what people think. 

Any input would be great. 

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When I've done pulled pork several times recently I've not used any bbq sauce.I like to make it prior to when it's needed then vacuum pack and either fridge or freeze until it's needed.

I just put on a dry rub over night, smoke at about 110 - 120 for about 3 hours spraying it with apple juice every hour or so, then after about 3 hours I wrap it in foil with a little more apple juice and leave it until it reaches 85C - 90C (normally nearer 85C as it can get a little too soft for my liking otherwise).

Once at temperature I foil and let it rest in a good cool bag for about an hour or so before carefully draining off into a jug every last drop that I can manage of the juices then pulling the pork. I stick the juices in the fridge to set over night when they've set I skim off the fat and keep the jelly and vacuum pack it.

Then on the day it's needed I slowly reheat the meat and the jelly in their vacuum packs in a water bath and once warmed through nicely I pour the melted jelly back over the meat and toss the pork until it takes up all the melted jelly which gives it masses of flavour dn makes it nice and moist so I don't find it needs any bbq sauce.

I do like to have coleslaw (or @Wade's Santa Fe Slaw) to give a texture contrast and a freshness to contrast with the richness of the pork.



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HI James, I've done Porchetta a number of times, but I've used Pork Loin.

Smokin Monkey Porchetta

You can use Belly Pork.

I have not used a gas blow torch, but I have used an electric paint stripper to crackle the skin!


2016 Smokers Weekend!


I like Stubbs Sauce, but always think it's a personal think, I would not sauce prior, unless it looks dry. I would let people add their own sauce.


Scott has a good point, of cooking a sealing the Pulled Pork prior, then reheating.

This Thales the pressure off on the day, and the Flavours improve over time.

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Yes, another vote for cooking your pulled pork the day before. Save all of the juices from the cooking and re-heat them up alongside the pork the next day. Pour the strained juices back into the pork just before serving. In my opinion, adding BBQ sauce to pulled pork is trying to mask a lack of flavour in the meat. We all have our own preferences though.

For the crackling, I cook this separately. I just score the skin and rub with oil and salt. I then place it under a hot grill.

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I've taken to making my own pork scratchings with the skin when I'm doing pulled pork.

I just cut into roughly even squares, make sure the skin is dry, sprinkle with a little salt and put in a hot oven for 20 minutes or there abouts, keeping an eye on it and taking off any of the smaller/thinner pieces when they've gone nicely golden and crinkly.

Then I stick them in a bowl and sprinkle over a mixture of finely ground salt and smoked paprika and toss the scratching until they've lightly covered then leave them to cool and crisp up.

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