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Chucks going on now

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Sup All,


So getting ready to throw the chuck on the ole Masterbuilt 560. Carrots are in the crockpot with kinders buttery steak seasoning a cup of beef broth and a couple table spoons of challenge garlic cand herb butter. Will update as cook progresses.



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First spritz turned into a mop because my spray bottle broke lol. Little fire shire w sauce, beef stock and apple cider vinegar. Here's some gravy and brownies too. I cooked the brownies just now they are cooling, gravy was finished also. the chuck pic is before the mop.

gravy and brwonies.jpg

updated chuck.jpg

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Posted (edited)

Finished.. Taste is great, Bark is great I probably coulda left it on another half hour .. Overall not bad. I was rushing to get done before the apt manager got to work so lol My bad I shoulda started a little earlier. I was trying to pull it before it was too shreddable but still tender. that's about half teh roast the rest is already in a bowl off screen.

finished 1.jpg

finished 2.jpg

finished 3.jpg

finished 4.jpg

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