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Lumpwood charcoal types


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Using a kamado, I only use lumpwood charcoal and usually I tend to only look for decent size at a decent price. More and more I am noticing that brands are now listing what type of wood their lumpwood is.

Im wondering if anyone else goes for a particular type of lumpwood because they get better results?

Im assuming if they dont list what type, then it could be a mixture?

Curious to other peoples thoughts and opinions👍

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I've not looked closely enough to notice this but Id' be interested in people's thoughts too. 

Like yourself I tend to go for decent size and price, aside from some supermarket stuff I needed at the last minute, I tend to use the restaurant grade stuff from Bookers. 

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Best lumpwood I ever bought stated it was sourced from mixed fruit woods. I've never been able to get it again, it was from eBay and they've not had it since.

I don't go out of my way to buy a particular type but have seen birch, hickory, oak amongst others more recently. 

Different woods definitely have different properties, burn differently etc so I expect it can make a difference.

I've definitely used some lumpwood that I wouldn't use again, all from Big K who everyone seems to rave about but I've had three bad bags from them. By bad, I mean really, really smoky, small pieces, and in my opinion, poor quality. 


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I have used the Big K red bags and I thought they were bad quality.

However my worst award goes to Supagrill lumpwood. Tiny pieces throughout, more smoke than a steamtrain and the only stuff to actually snuff out my kamado....twice....in one cook. In the end I had to sprinkle it on top of another brand just to get it used up.

Can you remember what brand you used Pittmab that you got on ebay?

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