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Hi Everyone!

Josie Beasley

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Hi everyone, 

Just wanted to introduce myself to the group, i'm Josie and i am lucky enough to have a career in BBQ!

I work for a company called Kadai Firebowls and tour the Country carrying out demos, working at shows and doing all the marketing and PR. I am a big enthusiast of cooking with fire. 

Great to have somewhere to share a passion with others, pick up tips on tasty BBQ ideas and finding out what people want to see at a BBQ demo :) 

Thanks all x


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We like to cook a bit of everything, the great thing about the bowls is that they aren't just a BBQ. I am at a demo this weekend and will be doing bananas wrapped in bacon, vegetable Thai curry (in the hanging cooking bowl) and some mulled cider all cooked over fire. 

Normally i would like to do something slightly more meaty, but the vegetarians don't seem to like that, ha ha! :-) 

Thanks for such a warm welcome! 

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Of course i will pop a recipe up :-) We were lucky enough to be given a box of pre-made Aspall spiced mulled cider by the garden centre, and it was divine!! Highly recommended!! 

Hi Martyn, thanks so much for the welcome :-) It is great for a chilli, i did a demo a few months ago and the chilli dogs i did went down a treat! If you have a look at the cooking videos on our website (www.kadai.com) under Kadai World, you will see some of the creative recipes people have made using their cooking bowl! 

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