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Duck legs in thai and ginger sauce


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Saw this on @chefsteps and it looks easy. Going to try it soon as a get some duck legs. Anyone else =ancy trying it as well? I will post my effort 

Sous Vide Duck legs

Duck legs, skin on

NOTE: Our recipe calls for 12 legs, but you can use 10–12 depending on their size.

Salt the duck legs

5 g Season the legs with a dash of kosher salt.

Bag the duck legs

Place 5–6 legs in each of two sous vide bags, making sure not to crowd them—you want a single layer in each bag so they have enough room while they cook. Remove all the air from the bags, and seal. Now you’re ready to cook!

Lower the duck into the water and secure the sealed bags to the side of the pot. To help reduce evaporation, place a lid on the pot or cover it with plastic wrap


Make an glaze

75 ml Thai chili sauce

30 ml Soy sauce 

15 ml Hoisin sauce

30 ml Rice wine vinegar 

15 ml Honey 

1 g Fresh grated ginger

When the legs are done cooking, start the spicy ginger-chili sauce by whisking the Thai chili, soy, and hoisin sauces together in a small pot. Stir in the rice wine vinegar, honey, and freshly grated ginger, then bring to a fast simmer. Cook for 5–7 minutes, or until the liquid thickens into a glaze.



Crisp skin

Turn your oven’s grill to high, and let it preheat for a bit. Arrange the duck legs skin-side up on a foil-lined pan. Slide the pan under the grill, and cook for 3–5 min, or until the skin gets crisp.











Toss with sauce, and dig in

Sesame seeds, as needed

Chives , diced , as needed

Pour the chili-ginger glaze over the legs, and toss to give them a sticky, spicy coating. Sprinkle the legs with sesame seeds and diced chives, then dig in with your fingers. Be sure to have plenty of napkins on hand—along with a cold beverage to cool the burn.



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