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Smoked Brisket


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Got a nice Brisket flat yesterday from Tesco, rubbed with Oakridge Santa Maria seasoning and Victory Lane Garlic and Jalapeno seasoning on top, smoking with Apple wood using the Snake method on a Kettle grill, temp I'm aiming for is 250f will take off when internal temp reaches 160f and wrap in tin foil to 200f, wish me luck with the cook, BTW it's a 1.2 kilo Brisket so thinking it might take around 6 hours?




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1 minute ago, Icefever said:

How's it going Allyby??  I had a stall also today but only about 45mins/60mins....wrapped in foil and away it went...



Just took it out and I'll leave to rest for an hour, by that time baked potatoes should be ready, kept a steady temp at around 245f in the grill and only took 4 3/4 hours, smelling great.

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