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Smoked brisket - Kamado


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So I smoked my first brisket on the kamado today. Fairly happy with the result but did find that the temperature ran away a bit and couldn't keep it down. Let me know if you have any tips.

I fired it up this morning with a full load of lump and fair bit of apple chunks mixed in, started using a couple of lighters from the top.

Managed to get it to sit at 200-225 for a good hour before putting the brisket on. 1.5kg total with point and flat separated. Once it hit 160 (3 hours) I wrapped it in paper and put it back on. The temp In the kamado had run up to about 275 even with it pretty much shut down. Pulled it off at 200. Left it to rest for about an half an half in the oven on 50C. 

The flat tasted great but the point was really dry. If anything I thought this would be the other way around? Should I just have pulled it off at a lower temp?




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