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I bought 3¬† beef rump tails AKA tri-tip from Bookers on Wed,¬† if, ¬†ūü§ě¬† if it turns up today I intend to cook one on the Proq over the weekend.

Anyone ever cooked a rump tail?? there's no fat on them,  so cooking will be sear and turn a couple of times until I hit 60/62c.



Just had a thought,  this may be better in the Beef section?? Admin please move if needed.

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Found this  article Don't know if it will help, but maybe give you a few ideas of your own if not?

I thought it was done the other way round? sear first, then slow cook. I would be tempted to sear it by the Afterburner method on the chimney starter for 2 or 3 minutes either side first, then put it in the smoker to lo&slo @ 225F till it reaches the internal temperature you are looking for.

Interested to see how it turns out for you and what method you settle on.

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Cheers Steve  :thumb1:  different to a video I watched this morning,  but in that link, the guy is using a Proq so I'm thinking I'll go with it.  In the video the guy sears first then spins the grill away from the heat and waits until he hits 55c.



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