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Hi from West Midlands


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Hi All,

I'm from the West Midlands and just bought my first smoker (Landmann Kentucky) . Found some fantastic information on here and tons of videos on YouTube!


There is some information I'm a tad confused on...I know I need to use kiln dried logs but does this need to be the flavoured wood i.e. pecan, ash etc? Are these in addition to flavoured wood chips?


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Hi General,  as for the wood just stick with some hardwood to start off with,  get a good fire going then you can add whatever chips you want.  Don't worry too much about it, there's a site about what wood gives off what flavour if I can find it I'll post it.



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5 hours ago, Distunging said:

Hi General85, I'm also in the West Mids :)

Here's a good link to building and maintaining a fire in an offset that someone else posted in another thread recently

Clicky Clicky

Don't use softwoods! Only the hard stuff as Ice says ;)

Thanks. Very useful video. Just need to find some wood chunks now! :)

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