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Greetings from Simon, in hmmm sunny/ muddy Weston-super-Mare. (user name was supposed to be Cidermonkey but I can't type)

Still a novice, I picked up a Mastertouch between Christmas and new year 2016, and I was hooked. I had been following the CWS group on Facebook for years, but prior to moving had no outdoor space in which to experiment.

Also the proud owner of a Thueros T1 and collected my latest baby a Bristol Drum smoker last week, I know I could of made my own, but it was so shiny!

Try to cook/ grill/ smoke as often as I can or more realistically, as often as I can get away with. 

By my phone i think I'm running at around 85 'cooks' so far this year. Ranging from slow cooks like Pulled pork, Gammons, Chuck roasts through to faster ones like grilled malaysian rice parcels and grilled thai fish parcels. I also now make my own bacon and have cold smoked in the colder weather.

Haven't had the guts to try a proper brisket yet, but it is coming very soon.


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Hi Cidermonkey - welcome to the forum. 

Don't be frightened of the Brisket - it is just another piece of meat. So long as you have your temperature control mastered it will be fine. It likes a nice long slow cook and then resting in foil for a couple of hours before it is served. Once you have done your first one you will wonder what all the fuss is about :thumb1:

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