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Yay I made it!


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I'm in the US actually, Marcus invited me into the UK FB group when I started talking to him on Twitter.

I'm in San Diego, CA. I just saw that we're supposed to tell more about ourselves. :)

I'm a web designer / developer with a passion for (too many) hobbies and gaming. I'm a self taught chef and love cooking, and all things about food. I really enjoy experimenting and trying new things.

I got into BBQ on gas grills years ago, and started smoking with chips on that. 3 years ago I bought my MAK 2 Star General pellet smoker, and really started getting into smoking meats and other foods. I got the cold smoker box for fish, cheeses and nuts, etc. About 8 months ago I got my WSM and started charcoal smoking. Can't get enough!

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Hi Genevieve. San Diego is a great place to visit. I have worked there a couple of times and have visited there too on holiday. Three things that I remember vividly... One time I did a night dive there and it turned out I was on the first boat out at the start of the lobster season. I was on the local TV :D. The next day i did a cage dive with sharks... But the most memorable experience was sitting in James T Kirks captains chair at the Star Trek exhibition :thumb1:

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