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Smoking in a gale


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I finished early yesterday and we had a chicken that needed cooking so I thought that I would get the Kettle out because why not. 

I prepared the chicken in a seasoning, and then started to prep the BBQ. It was when I tried lighting the firelighters that I realised the wind was blowing a bit, but decided like University Challenge: I started so I’ll finish. I used a bit too much charcoal briquettes but that was because I had set it for low n slow but the wind had other ideas. 

Overall though it turned out ok. It may have been cooking a bit higher that I would have liked but it stayed fairly succulent considering it was a Tesco Value chicken. 2D5A8289-4236-4536-AFA0-66E2650CA7BD.thumb.jpeg.4ee55af1d3f73e61511ebf612862f6dc.jpeg

I am hoping to try some chicken kebabs at the weekend. 


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