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New to the forum, having come looking for advice on niggling doubts about bacon cures.

I got into smoking and curing with a Weber kettle I was given as a present, which I've mostly used for slow cooking pork and wings and such, and hot smoking salmon.

Pork obsession led to curing bacon, which then led in two directions: to cold smoking and wanting to get into charcuterie. 

I've done several bacons, a disastrous guanciale, reasonable lomo, smoked cheese and cured salmon etc. 

Got my eye on a Pro Q bullet-type smoker at some point. Not sure I can justify the cost just yet, tho. The Weber kettle makes more than enough for my 'not particularly bothered about pork, actually, dad' family. 

Couple of pics attached of the current mark 2 smoker (should have thought about weight when I made it) and a gumtree drinks fridge converted into an inkbird-controlled hanging space/curing chamber (sadly empty but soon to be restocked now that I'm armed with some more info, courtesy of this forum).

Hi everyone. Nice to be here. 





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Thanks. Nice to be here.

In the top corner of the fridge it's a dehumidifier. My first problem with the fridge as a meat-hanging space was that it was too damp, hence the dehumidifier. The current problem I think I have with it is airflow. I've seen people on forums say that they've wired in computer fans to keep a gentle breeze going. At the moment I'm just opening the door one or twice a day to keep the air fresh. A work in progress.

Ha about the fridge in the garden! I think I'd get the same response! At the moment my stuff is in a corner of the garage and I have to carry the smoker out whenever I light it up. Should definitely have made it out of something lighter than OSB! Lesson learned for the mk3...


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