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Wsm temp control


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The challenge with wsm is you get temp up to 140 150 then introduce water bowl with hot water and it gets up to 102 but goes static. Even with vents full open at bottom it stays there. I am pretty sure because of water. Then once it is evaoprated temp climbs fast to 150.  The key is do not let temp fall when the water goes in. The charcoal must be going well.  Therefore give plenty time for set up. I really must use sand. It has to be better than water because the temp transition in much higher than water. Ie water is 100 degs c. Advice?

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I have a different bullet smoker than the WSM, but they mostly work the same

2/3 - 3/4 full water bowl should give you a steady 225F (give or take +/-5f) once the coals are at temp and water has heated up

Empty water bowl as just a heat deflector to cook will give you 325F (give or take +/-10F)

Weather, types of charcoal and vents etc can make a difference but as a rule of thumb, those temperatures should be maintainable throughout a cook

This may be just my model of bullet smoker. But once I have added the chimney starter of coals to the basket of coals I have the water bowl of cold water already in the body of the smoker and put it all together with the vents open, and whilst the rest of the coals catch it gets up to 225F within 20-30 minutes and remains stable after that and  when it gets to about 210F I close the three vents to a screwdriver bit wide, with any further adjustments needed during the cook.

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I think make sure the bowl is heated up to temp and then add water.  It is important that the temp is kept up and if it goes below 90  degs c then you have a problem with it climbing until the water boils off. I have refilled the bowl half way and the temp stayed up. It stopped it climbing. Fickle thing. A whole hour vents wide open and it did not go above 116 degs c. Thanks for advice

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