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Pork Belly Bourbon Pit Beans


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Cooked this over the weekend and they worked very well from this recipe. I did a couple of adjustments and used 5 cans Heinz Five Beanz and a drained can of Cannelini beans in place of the beans they used and added 5 halved and diced roasted tomatoes, that I prepared the night before from this recipe 

Smoked the belly pork on its own for just under 3 hours and cooked it in the pot and apple juice in the smoker for another 3.5 hours before shredding and then added the beans and other ingredients for another 2.5 hours. There was a little to much liquid, i thought at the end and  would probably drain at least half of the tomato juice from the cans before adding it to the pot, next time. Otherwise flavour was great and tasted smokey, and flavoursome. Enough for leftovers the next day. So added some Lashfords Pork Sausages to the pot and reheated in the oven for a couple of hours and it made a very nice evening meal 

A couple of photos





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2 hours ago, Icefever said:

Love the Superman slippers Sotv......... t1604.gif   you go dude.    may try those this weekend as I hope to throw a rack on the Weber.. 



Xmas present of the grandkids, they didn't like my usual grandad slippers i like...😀

These are good beans the apple and bourbon add loads of flavour, just watch the amount of liquid if you add tinned beans, with tomato sauce.

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