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Meat Wholesaler Open To The Public In Tamworth


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New unit opened in Tamworth big selection of meats Meat4less bigger presence on facebook evidently?

Picked up 6 big racks of pork ribs and nearly 2kg of brisket for £27 today Ribs will need a bit of trimming, but meat looks very good quality

Not the best photos but a couple to show what I got today







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Pretty tasty, but the ribs took a bit of trimming, like the Bookers one do. Nothing wrong with that, but i prefer mine trimmed and just the membrane to pull off the back. 😀

I have used them since for some steak which was nice also. If your get off your train from Nottingham at Brum? Thoroughly recommend trying the Birmingham indoor market just over the road from the station. I hadn't been there for many, many years. It has changed a bit over the years but was really pleasantly surprised on the different meats to choose that you don't see at most places, along with the cuts and sizes of your usual meats. They were selling the big untrimmed ribs for £3.50 a rack. I got goat shoulder for £4.50 kg and a couple of necks for £5 each. Wanted to buy a whole shin of beef with the bone in for £25 but I had a feeling it would have been to big for my smoker.

With all the African Caribbean, Chinese and Middle East butchers and customers the selection really impressed me. The fish market is just off it also with some weird and wonderful fish and seafood along with what you normally expect also.

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