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Birthday bacon cake!

James Hocking

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I held a little birthday smoke/bbq shindig over the weekend for friends to come over and try out some smoked food! Quite a few don’t attend too many bbqs so, I thought I’d try something easy but not necessarily inside the box! 

So, I created the Birthday bacon cake! 7EAEA70C-3F33-4B24-B8B1-7C9BA8BAA57B.thumb.jpeg.3c0b6ed67f89a6a0210d9b8fa11264e2.jpeg 

Now... I know it is called other names (bacon explosion, sausage roll etc.) but, this is my name for it! When I do it again it’ll just be “BBQ bacon cake” or similar! 

So! Bacon weave wrapped around sausage meat with mozzarella, cheddar and an Italian tomato sauce (Italian herbs mixed with passata)

it went down an absolute treat! And cooked well above a beer can chicken in my little callow! 5AD01251-A45D-4E8C-99D3-A4DA70907771.thumb.jpeg.74a1787b9ae7cf5198582062a3697843.jpeg

it was a pretty windy day on sunday! AND! just as I was getting the charcoal ready for the kettle bbq (skewers and burgers) the skies opened up with hail! It didn’t stop us though and we even found a solution to the wind!


This is an old ikea coffee table that I couldn’t flog at a car boot last year! 

Food was well received and I’m really starting to love smoking! It’s been a while since I’ve had a hobby to get myself outside and away from screens/away from the daily grind. I really feel I’m on to something here! 

Here’s the finished product! 





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