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Which to freeze.


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Guys I fancy doing a low and slow piece of meat.. From what I've read it seems to make sense to do  a reasonably sized piece. However  theres no way two of us would finish anything that big so my question is what's the best meat/joint to freeze once its cooked? ( not ribs I guess?)

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Any of the larger joints freeze well - beef, pork and even chicken/turkey fillets/crowns etc. Ribs will freeze too but as they are quite a fatty meat they do not look too appetising when you first get them out of the freezer (due to the surface set white fat) before they have been reheated.

If you are going to freeze the meat then cut into meal-size chunks and vac pack before putting in the freezer. If you don't have a vac pack machine you could use ziplock bags but vac packers are inexpensive these days and they are an indispensable piece of equipment in the kitchen.  

Once cooked you should chill and freeze as quickly as possible and if you are reheating later you should ensure that it is reheated to at least 75 C.

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