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Hi Everybody

The Forum is a great idea, and I hope it has the success it deserves!

Anyway, I like to think I've been cooking with wood since first allowed to play with matches, but in truth probably for only the last 15 years or so.  Another truth: in addition to being a barbecue and smoking enthusiast, I also run The American BBQ Company.  My posts/comments will be in in a personal capacity and I will do my best not to overtly mention our brands, but I hope you won't mind me stepping in if there are questions etc. about Cookshack, Fast Eddy's, Green Mountain Grills, Backwoods Smoker, La Caja China, Flaming Coals, or Cook-Air. Oops.

Personally uses:
  • Cookshack PG1000
  • Cookshack SM025
  • GMG Davy Crockett
  • BWS Chubby
  • Cyprus Spit Deluxe
  • Cook-Air Grill

(and currently in domestic negotiations over what has to go when I bring home the Flaming Coals Offset Smoker - I lost the battle over a La Caja China #2 :-(   )




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Hi Nick - welcome to the forum.

You are welcome here both on a personal level and professionally. It is amazing how many people are looking at more professional level smokers these days.

I bought my Cookshack FEC-120 from you a couple of years ago (as they were moving from the 120v to 240 v controller boards) and can confirm that it is a great workhorse smoker. 

The GMG pellet smokers are great too - even the Davy Crockett which I often use for baking. Steve (Smokin Monkey) has the larger GMG which he loves too.

I can sympathise with you regarding the domestic challenges of bringing home a new smoker. They do not seem to understand just how important it is to add to the diversity in the back garden :thumb1:

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