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Saw this recipe on FB had to share


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26 minutes ago, AdamG said:

That does look good....i bet it plays with your mind though since it looks like dessert........or is it🤔      😂😂

I just ordered some pork belly from wild fork. I might do a knock off of this for the throwdown this month

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19 hours ago, Wade said:

Looks like a fun cook. Probably not so good for diabetics with high colersterol though... 😷

No lie. My arteries got clogged just watching the videos. I got a belly coming so I' am gonna do half cubed and two pinwheels I think. Gonna go light on the brown sugar and I think I am gonna use kosmos honey chiptole killer bee like 50 50 that and brown sugar. Then I' am gonna use the meat mitch womp sauce.

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