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Doin some plate ribs tomorrow night


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Hey All,

I don't usually do beef ribs. I did some olive fed wagyu when I first got my smoker but I didn't cook em hot enough for long enough and they weren't very good. I got an almost 6 lb angus block from wildforks. I was gonna use the below hey grill hey recipe with my own rub and spritz but I' am torn between foiling a pan or using butchers. I would like better bark but it's sooo much easier to put things in a foil pan and foil the top vs taking out and wrapping in paper thoughts? I also wanted to use that wagyu tallow so what would the mix in the pan or paper be with that? Thanks for lookin will post the cook.



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Have only cooked beef ribs a handful of times myself but always wrap in butchers paper. Never used tallow but it seems to be the done thing nowadays.

I never remove the membrane myself, helps to keep the ribs together and is perfectly edible.

This is worth a watch if you’ve got 10 mins to spare.

Look forward to seeing the end result!


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Here's a Jacob's Ladder I did a few of weeks ago on the WSM. No injecting, spritzing, wrapping, boating, saucing or mopping. I believe quality meat doesn't need it. (But I'm not competition cooking). Just a generous sprinkling of SPOG, and into the fridge overnight. (I don't use commercial rubs. Far too much salt, sugar and other stuff in them, and to be honest I can't tell much of a difference with them anyway). I keep everything as simple as possible and try not over-think it. Just my 0.02p.....YMMV.

Took 9.5hrs at 250f-275f to an IT of 195f, (it did stall for about 3hrs but I just let it do its thing. All good). Crispy bark on top, succulent middle section, and a bit of tug off the bone for the rib meat. There were no complaints.

image.jpeg.84bb60b87abfc826f698112a8a75cd72.jpeg  image.jpeg.f6ef5aa590916a8170d15a30ae4baa15.jpeg

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