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Hi I'm new here


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Thank you for the warm welcome


Originally I was looking at the oklahoma joe Highland, which in the UK is quite expensive and found it cheaper to buy in the US and get it shipped over here than buying directly here but I've been looking at alot of offsets like tepro, ladmann but noticed they are all similar prices once you get all the mods to fix them.

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Hi Adam, welcome to the group.

I have zero experience of offset smokers but there seems to be a general consensus that a cheap offset isn't going to give you the best results.

I have seen and heard lots of good things about the Oklahoma Joe, once you have made all the relevant mods.

Also worth remembering that importing from the US will still incur VAT so that cheaper price will go up and I suspect a importing a pallet from the US will be pretty pricey!

Good luck with whatever you choose 👍

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