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Do I need to season my new smoker?


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I have always seasoned mine before a cook but not sure if its needed on all bbq's?

When I season for the first time I usually use it as a test run to see what temps I can get so I have a better idea on vent settings for my first cook. You could even cook something in a dutch oven (a saucy dish being very forgiving with cooking temps) with the lid on if you have one, while it seasons so you can get the most out of your fuel.👍

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Morning, would second Adam's comment about seasoning, initial burn to clear off any residual oils etc from manufacture, get as hot as possible, then start building up your seasoning from subsequent cooks. If I haven't used any of my q's for a while it's a process I repeat before first cook just to kill off any nasties lurking. As with all things comes down to personal choice, personally I do so would advise you too..............

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My first cook with a WSM was chicken drumsticks and pork ribs. I did a bit of a burn then threw my food on. Figured its enamel so not as much factory oils on it as bare steel etc. 

Sausages are also a great first cook, they take the smoke well and are very forgiving. 

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